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elena delvecchio Elena DelVecchio elenadelvecchio scenic designer carnegie mellon

Elena DelVecchio is a stage designer and artist. Raised in Rochester, New York and South Florida, she now resides in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania as she finishes her BFA in Drama at Carnegie Mellon University. In addition to Carnegie Mellon’s scenic design curriculum, Elena has finished a minor in Literature and Cultural Studies, as well as taking classes in history and film. 

While at Carnegie Mellon, Elena has developed a love for collaboration with directors, dramaturgs, designers, and actors. She enjoys working closely with text and collaborators in the rehearsal room. Over her college years, she has been an avid participant in CMU’s Playground Festival of Student Work and always jumps at the chance to work on small projects. Her credits at Carnegie Mellon include: Adult Things (Scenic Design) and ATHENA (Scenic Design). In the future, Elena looks forward to pursuing work in all sorts of performance and film, with an eye on concerts and live events.


(585) 727-5537


Elena is currently teaching K-8 art classes at Young at Art in South Florida, including their Girls Empowered curriculum at Pace Center for Girls Broward


Photo by J.D. Hopper

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