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Adult Things



Set in the near future, in a Hamptons "more Mad Max than Maxi Dress," ADULT THINGS follows three vapid young adults, a newly drafted soldier, and a baby that happens to be a butternut squash in the midst of an international war. When the traumas of war begin to spill over the walls of their beach compound, the characters' apathy is pushed to a breaking point as they confront the violence and terror they have been sheltered from for so long.

Carnegie Mellon University
Helen Wayne Rauh Theater

Director: B Kleymeyer
Assistant Director: Cole Schubert
Dramaturg: Rowan Dunlop
Scenic Designer: Elena DelVecchio
Lighting Designer: Ernest Wan
Costume Designer: Meena Romsaas
Media Designer: Reiley Torfun
Sound Designer: Daniel Ocanto
Assistant Media Designer: Lillian Kim
Assistant Lighting Designer: Bishop Sforza
Assistant Costume Designer: Bunny Brand

Stage Manager: Maureen Pace
Assistant Stage Manager: Allie Blaylock
Production Manager: Gabby Harper
Assistant Production Manager: Brynn Sklar
Job Lead: Akshatha Srivastava
Sound Engineer: Daniel Ocanto
Assistant Sound Engineer: Iris Chu
Paints Charge: Elena DelVecchio
Props Master: Elena DelVecchio

Photos: Pablo Anton

Starring: Antoine Gray Jr, Kyra Klonoski, Moire del Carmen Día, Trey Caperton, Annalisa D'Aguilar, Mariana Garzon Toro, Alex Sheffield, Olivia DeWaart





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